Monday, April 20, 2015

A technical definition of the Keyword Identifier

The technical definition of a kiTAG or a Keyword Identifier is as follows –  

A kiTAG or Keyword Identifier as it is technically called, is unique and standardized form of Internet addressing, which denotes the address of electronic resources, data and devices. The Keyword Identifier comprises of ‘Keyword’ followed by the character ‘#,’ ‘domain_name,’ a ‘.’(Dot), and the TLD (Top-Level Domain; example - com, edu, org).  For example,  Keyword Identifiers are the next generation of Internet addressing that are presentable and user friendly.   

  • The ‘Keyword’ may be an alpha-numeric, multi-lingual, or natural language word (example - call, bonjour, hello, coupons) or a combination of words that are separated by the space character or other characters (example – my directions, ping me).
  • The ‘domain_name’ is the domain name or the address of a computer server (example - your business name as an identifier that can be searched on the web).  The ‘domain_name’ can also include any sub domain names that are used as a computer server name.
  • The ‘TLD’ is an Internet Top-Level Domain (TLD), an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN), a country level domain (ccTLD), or a combination (example - com, edu, ku, uk).
  • The ‘domain_name.TLD’ can be used solely to access the Internet Website System, through an Internet accessing application and device, for which a Keyword Identifier is being generated. (example –,
  • The Keyword Identifier therefore simply takes the form and makes all information easily accessible.
The Keyword Identifier is –
  • The Next generation of Internet addressing and accessing
  • A Unique and standardized form of addressing
  • A Keyword-based address for your Webpages, Products, Events, Processes and much much more
  • Provides with a greater visibility for all type of Electronic Resources
  • Has a presentable and user friendly look and feel
  • Easy for website users to use and pass around
  • Easy for owners to manage and control
  • Brand recognition of your website domain name that exists while addressing all your pages
  • Not a URL, but represents one or many URLs
  • It is a URI(Uniform Resource Identifier)
  • Actual directory structure of data storage is not important
  • It can be used in M2M, M2H and H2M scenarios 
This Keyword Identifier represents the address of Electronic Resources such as 
  • A web page that ends with any type of extension.
  • A PDF document that ends with a .PDF extension.
  • A word document that ends with a .DOC or .DOCX extension.
  • A text document that ends with a .TXT extension.
  • An image that ends with any type of extension.
  • A media file that ends with any type of extension
  • Any other Electronic Resources address not listed above.