In our generation of technology, the new smartwatches have opened the way to the future. Soon enough, these smartwatches will replace your regular wrist watches.

The world of technology, however, is not fully prepared to utilize this tiny yet powerful device. The primary intent of a smartwatch today is to be an accessory accompanying a smartphone. They have started to share many of the functions of your smartphone after being paired. Notifications will then be delivered to both devices.

Soon, a user will no longer need two devices. By carrying its own sim card, a smartwatch will have all the same functions including: voice calls, text messaging, Internet navigation, application use, and more. Before long our phones will be closer than ever and will be carried around on everyone’s wrist.  

Yet, accessing and navigating the Web on a smartwatch will remain a challenge due to the screen size and ergonomics. Currently a website that appears on a normal laptop or tablet is shown on a screen, a fraction of the size of a laptop or tablet. This website that is developed for an “oversized screen” is difficult to manage, navigate, and interact with on a smartwatch display. The lack of a usable keyboard makes accessing the Web limited and in many existing watches - very frustrating. So how can we continue to organize the Internet and make it universally accessible?

These challenges of navigating and rendering are being addressed by Oyokey with its technology development.

To render information on smartwatches, without losing all the important information from the standard website, Oyokey narrows down the information into categories. These categories are tagged by keywords that are accessed by touch, voice or type. Keywords are displayed as Cards with an icon that describes the content of the keyword. The website’s Home Card holds all the most relevant cards of your website. Accordingly, the most important information is displayed to users as a keyword.

For navigation, Oyokey relies heavily on touch and voice. Touch is already very familiar to users who now have the ability to say these keywords and our voice recognition technology will accurately navigate through website content. Currently users can only get to a website but are unable to navigate using voice on voice based systems such as Siri, S-Voice and Cortana.

Oyokey is the future of navigation and bringing the Web to a smartwatch. Keywords are the ultimate shortcut, providing easy accessibility to information on these Emerging Devices.