Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oyokey CMS White-Label Solutions: Adapt-it to Your Business Needs

The Oyokey website has two important purposes. One part of it serves as an explanation and description of our core technology, product and application. It talks about what problems we solve and how we do it. Ok...its modern design loaded with imagery and descriptive text is meant to attract audiences to the subject and use of graphic design shows off how in touch we are as a company. In other words our "frontend" website it's our online brochure.

The other significant part of our website, we call it "The Keyword Engine" provides a functional side built for domain and business owners. It taps into the Oyokey core web services allowing user registration, login, and profile management.  More importantly the functional side offers your Internal Keyword management for creating, editing, and marking up your Web content to be displayed on Emerging Devices and other screen based IoT Platforms. Basically it is a cloud based Content and Engagement Management platform. Of course it has reporting and usage analytics, how could we forget that!!!

Functional is only the minimum goal for our engineers.  They've specifically architect-ed the Engine in a style referred to as "white-label."  That style means our work is meant for reuse by our customers within their own IT infrastructure. Specifically customers who need to host our Engine user interface solution inside their network for privacy, or those wanting to use their preferred cloud-based service provider.

White-label doesn't just refer to flexible hosting solutions, but changing the website look making it match our customers' corporate branding standards.  Looks count when it comes to making a seamless solution for external clients as well as internal staff.

The white-label website is built in typical open-source programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.  Our differentiator, however, is combining them in a modular manner with customization in mind.  One modularity being collecting all images in a single spot, and all colors and typography definitions in a single configuration file.  This way our website's look can change.  Change to look like your company's branding including logos, colors, and font-faces.

Is this reuse of our website a must for larger companies?  No, not at all.  A company with an experienced staff can build their own interface totally replacing our website.  Perhaps even integrating with corporate user directories or single-sign-on solutions.  Then it's just a matter of working with our engineering staff for final integration with our RESTful web-services for user and kiTAGs management.

Smaller organizations will gain an immediate productivity boost re-using our white-label solution. Adapting our website work by matching your company's logos, colors and typefaces is a surprisingly big usability win.  We know our partner's staff and clients are accustomed to their familiar surroundings and we want to seamlessly integrate into that creative environment as much as possible.  We've found it certainly lowers the barrier-to-entry when Oyokey is brought into an organization.

For rest of the world, our cloud based Content and Engagement Management Platform is the way to go.