Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10 Reasons why kiTags are a Credible Alternative to QR Codes

  • The inventors of QR Codes developed this new Barcode technology to track Auto parts, not information. The inventors of kiTAGs developed this new natural language, keyword based addressing and recognition technology to tag and access information.
  • A look at a QR Code and one is not able to make of what it is about - no brand, no message. A kiTAGs provides instant brand recognition and conveys an immediate message.
  • QR Codes are a Barcode and image based technology. kiTAGs are a natural language based technology that use two of the most popular elements of the Internet - Keywords and Domain Name.
  • QR Codes cannot be interpreted, retained or reproduced by people. kiTAGs can be interpreted, retained and shared easily by people. 
  • QR Codes works via a mobile device with a camera but not on a laptop or other devices that do not have a camera. kiTAGs can work on any connected device.
  • QR Codes only works with scanning - not voice, not type. kiTAGs users have all three options available to them to use the kiTAGs – type, scan or voice.
  • kiTAGS can be used via Search Engines such as Google(which is the largest access method). QR Codes cannot be used in Search Engines.
  • QR Codes require you to download and use a QR Code Reader. kiTAGs do not require you to download a Reader. You can access kiTAGs from Search Engines, the domains own website and also through the kiTAGs Reader Mobile App if you choose.
  • QR Codes have to be displayed on stationary objects to be scanned. The user has to be stationary and stand in front of the QR Code to scan it. kiTAGs users need not be stationary and can be on the move while they read and type kiTAGs .
  • Custom QR Codes with branding are expensive to create and use. All kiTAGs are branded and are economical to generate and use. 

kiTAGs are a QR Code Alternative developed by Oyokey Inc. For Comparative Analysis of kiTAGs vs. QR Codes contact