Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Oyokey Logo

Oyokey technologies core principal is Internal Keywords. These Internal Keywords, associated with millions of Domain Names, are stored in the Oyokey Keyword Registry. Just as in a DNS server, the Oyokey Keyword Registry consists of a mapping of Keywords and the action or information related to each Keyword. A single domain can consist of 100s or 1000s of Internal Keywords. Oyokey's Keyword Registry stores and shares these Keywrods and the action or information related to each Keyword, when they are queried. So simply put the Oyokey Keyword Registry is a Registry of Internal Keywords.

Oyokey is derived from ‘Own Your Own Keywords’.

So the name Oyokey was created to spread the idea that domain owners should take control of their own Keywords as these Internal Keywords have a lot of value in promoting and enhancing the Domains online brand and presence. Oyokey provides the online platform that will enable Domain Owners to create and use these Internal Keywords for various applications and use cases.

The Oyokey logo image uses round blue dots that are inspired by and signify the blinking of LEDs as seen behind racks of Servers. The blinking of the LEDs denote the working of rack full of servers on which the Oyokey Keyword Registry resides.