Monday, April 20, 2015

What is an Internal Keyword?

A Keyword is a common and understandable English word, but holds great significance. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a Keyword as “a word that is used as a key.” Oxford Dictionary even coins it as “a word or concept of great significance.”  Thus, one could view Keywords as an everyday tool that has the ability to open doors to significant places. In the technology world, Keywords provide the “key” to vast amount of information on the Internet.  This information can become overwhelming, but with the right Keyword a door is opened and a shortcut is created to the specific information you originally wanted, without navigating and scrolling, page after page within a website.

An amazing detail about Keywords is that any word can become a Keyword and those Keywords can be represented in many forms.  In the real world, about, home, directions, or numbers could be Keywords that represent tangible objects such as a house, a car, or a phone, however, it’s the personalized action or information tied to those memorable, everyday words that make them the “key” within the Web world.  For example, Keywords created for your favorite restaurant named the ‘Best Pies Ever’ could simply represent important content and action for the restaurant. 

Amazingly, Keywords are the foundation or building blocks of Oyokey’s technology, but we have named them “Internal Keywords.”

Through Oyokey’s cloud based Content Management and Engagement Technology Platform, you can organize a websites actions and information by assigning each one of them an Internal Keyword.  But it does not stop there!  With Oyokey’s Internal Keywords, any personalized Keywords, with assigned action or information, could be accessed via type, scan, voice recognition or even touch.  If you have a website for your business, you could create your own Keywords within Oyokey that would make all information about your website easily accessed, customer friendly, and fast by simply using your voice or touch on any screen size or any technology presented.  Example, as I sit in my connected car and I end up on the website, I say directions and the directions to the restaurant would be inserted into my car’s GPS.  That’s it.  Basically, we are going away from browsing through traditional webpages on a computer or a smart phone to simply stating Keywords, linked to an ordinary icon, to access and to hyperlink through only necessary bits of information.
Not just that personalized actions or information tied to your Keywords will result in a more accurate, fast search engine optimization (SEO).  Search engine optimization, in other words, is all about getting the most visitors to visit your specific webpages by ensuring that your webpage is on the top of the list by any search engine. With the use of Oyokey technology, your end users will be able to access more accurate and direct information about your website. 

Oyokey is a cloud-based addressing and recognition Technology Company based out of Irving, Texas.  Our mission is to flatten and organize the Internet to make websites more accessible on emerging devices.  With the growth of screen based appliances or everyday objects with technological systems that connect you to the Internet and emerging devices, Oyokey is reinventing the future.  We take your personalized Internal Keywords and create cards that contain all icons related to your Internal Keywords and provide a “Hyper Responsive” communication platform for your customer friendly experience.